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Client’s Responsibilities

Receiving quality in-home health care is a partnership. In that, you the family/client and person receiving the care has responsibilities to maintain before and throughout the duration care being provided.

Clients are responsible for:

  • Providing complete information about matters relating to their health and abilities when it could influence the care they are receiving;
  • Reporting any potential risks that might exist to the Caregiver such as the possibility that a client/family member might have a contagious illness or condition;
  • Reporting unexpected changes in their condition, such as having suffered a mild stroke;
  • Requesting information about anything they do not understand;
  • Contacting the office with any concerns or problems regarding services;
  • Following the Plan of Care and/or express any concerns they have about the Plan of Care
  • Accepting the consequences, if the Plan of Care is not followed;
  • Following the terms and conditions of the Service Agreement
  • Notifying Compassionate Home Care Partners, in advance, of any changes to the work schedule;
  • Notifying Compassionate Home Care Partners of any advanced directives they sign (e.g. a Do Not Resuscitate)
  • Being considerate of property/equipment belonging to Compassionate Home Care Partners and/or the Caregiver; <
  • Notifying Compassionate Home Care Partners of any changes being made to their contact information such as address or phone number;
  • Advising Compassionate Home Care Partners of any changes made to their healthcare professionals (e.g. physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician, registered nurse, etc.)
  • Advising Compassionate Home Care Partners if they are not satisfied with the care or services being provided;
  • Paying Compassionate Home Care Partners invoices according to agreed-upon rates and timeframes;
  • Assuming financial responsibility for all materials, supplies, and equipment required for their care;
  • Providing a safe environment for care and services to be provided;
  • Giving reasonable notice, when possible, if service is going to be canceled;
  • Keeping all weapons in the home away from the work area, preferably in a locked safe, during visits made by the Caregivers;
  • Securing aggressive or menacing pets prior to the Caregiver entering the home;
  • Providing a smoke-free environment when the Caregiver is present;
  • Reviewing and signing the Employee Time Sheet upon completion of shift (if not utilizing Compassionate Home Care Partners’ Telephone-based timekeeping system);
  • Treating Caregivers in a courteous and respectful manner;
  • Ensuring caregivers are free from any actions that could be deemed to be abusive such as intimidation, physical, sexual, verbal, mental/ emotional, material, and/or financial abuse, etc.
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