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Home Care Partners Responsibilities

Home Care Partners shall be responsible for:
  • Providing competent employees;
  • Carrying bonding;
  • Carrying liability and other insurances;
  • Meeting the standards of Workers’ Compensation;
  • Ensuring in-home care service delivery standards are met;
  • Ensuring federal, state, county & municipal legalities are researched and applied;
  • Adhering to labor regulations;
  • Developing contingency plans;
  • Making deductions for Social Security, Medicare and other taxes;
  • Conducting needs assessments, with client’s/family’s input;
  • Developing Plan of Cares with clients’/family’s input;
  • Consulting with relevant professionals regarding the Plan of Care (as required);
  • Being part of, or coordinating, a health care team to provide for the clients’ needs, as indicated;
  • Establishing goals with the client’s representatives’ input and striving to meet these goals;
  • Maintaining the client’s/family’s confidentiality, privacy and dignity;
  • Maintaining professionalism and a code of ethics;
  • Avoiding inflicting its personal values and standards onto clients;
  • Being alert for and reporting signs of elder abuse to appropriate parties;
  • Ensuring employees obtain the necessary immunizations unless such an act is contrary to personal beliefs and/or medical conditions;
  • Ensuring that employees are tested to determine the existence of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis etc.