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In-Home Healthcare Clients’ Rights

Clients have the right to:
  • Be cared for by qualified, competent and trained personnel;
  • Be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect;
  • To be spoken to and communicated in a manner or language they can understand;
  • Receive privacy and confidentiality in regards to their health, social, and financial circumstances and what takes place in their homes, in accordance with laws and Compassionate Home Care Partners policies;
  • Be free from any actions that would be deemed to be abusive (e.g. intimidation, physical, sexual, verbal, mental, emotional, material, and/or financial abuse, etc.);
  • Report instances of potential abuse, neglect, exploitation, involving any employee of the Compassionate Home Care Partners, to the appropriate authority (Adult Protective Services, Dept. of Health, etc.)
  • Be dealt with in a manner that recognizes their individuality and is sensitive to and responds to their needs and preferences;
  • Receive services and be cared for with without regard to race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, linguistics, disability and/or familial/cultural factors;
  • Be informed of the laws, rules, and policies affecting the operation of Compassionate Home Care Partners;
  • Be informed of procedures for initiating complaints about the delivery of service, without fear of reprisal or retaliation;
  • Be informed of the cost of services and procedures and being notified prior to any scheduled increase in the cost of services;
  • Be informed of the Compassionate Home Care Partners’ Code of Ethics policy;
  • Have their property treated with respect;
  • Participate in the development of their care plan;
  • Provide input on which caregiver they want and to be informed of to whom the caregiver is accountable, (e.g. Compassionate Home Care Partners supervisor);
  • Be briefed and provide prior informed consent regarding any procedure/treatment;
  • Expect that Compassionate Home Care Partners will only release information about them if they have given prior authorization and/or if it is a requirement of law;
  • Receive advance notice of any changes in their service, within an agreed upon amount of time;
  • Be informed, within a reasonable amount of time, of Compassionate Home Care Partners’ plans to terminate the care or service and/or its intention to transfer care to another Compassionate Home Care Partners caregiver and/or agency.
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