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Code of Ethics

Employees shall respect the property of our clients. Our code of ethics below states all the responsibilities and code of conduct of care givers.

  • The caregiver will not consume the client’s food and/or drinks or use the client’s personal property without the client’s offering and consent.
  • The caregiver will not bring children, pets, friends, relatives, or anyone else to the client’s home.
  • The caregiver will not take the client to the Caregiver’s place of residence.
  • The caregiver will not consume alcoholic beverages or use medicines, drugs, or other chemical substances not in accordance with the legal, valid, prescribed use/or in any way that impairs the Caregiver in the delivery of services to the client.
  • The caregiver will not discuss their own personal issues, religious or political beliefs with the clients or others in the care setting.
  • The caregiver will not accept, obtain, or attempt to obtain money, or anything of value, including gifts or tips from our clients, household members or family members of the client.
  • The caregiver will not engage with the client in sexual conduct or in conduct that may be reasonably interpreted as sexual in nature, regardless of whether or not the contact is consensual.
  • The caregiver will not leave the home for a purpose not related to the provision of services without notifying the supervisor, the client’s emergency contact person, any identified caregiver, and/or the client’s case manager; or, for client-directed services, leave the home without consent and/or knowledge of the client.
  • The caregiver will not engage in activities that may distract the Caregiver from responsibilities, including, but not limited to:
    • Watching television or playing computer or video games.*
    • Making or receiving personal telephone calls. Emergency calls must come through the office, and you will be notified.
    • Engaging in non-care related socialization with persons other than the client in person or electronically.*
    • Providing care to individuals other than the client.*
    • Smoking of any type without the consent of the client (never in client’s home, even with permission).
    • Sleeping

    Exceptions may be made when activity is requested by the client.

  • The caregiver will not engage in behavior that causes or may cause physical, verbal, mental, or emotional distress or abuse to the client.
  • The caregiver will not engage in behavior that may reasonably be interpreted as inappropriate involvement in the client’s personal relationships.
  • The caregiver will not be designated to make decisions for the client in any capacity involving a declaration for mental health treatment, power of attorney, durable power of attorney, or guardianship.
  • The caregiver will not sell or purchase consumer products or personal items from the client.
  • The caregiver will not use the client’s vehicle or transport a client while providing agreed and contracted transportation services AND use of client’s vehicle is pre-approved by the manager/case manager.
  • The caregiver will not engage in behavior that constitutes a conflict of interest, takes advantage of or manipulates certified services resulting in unintended advantage for personal gain that has detrimental results for the client, the client’s family or caregivers, or another provider.
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