Caregiving is an emerging crisis America faces today. The 75 million baby boomers are entering the realm of elderly and will need more care in the coming years. In our current fast-paced culture, it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle the workload and responsibilities we put on our plates. We have dedicated ourselves to making life easier for our clients.

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I contacted Compassionate Home Care Partners to give my family a break. They have such busy lives. My health companion loves gardening as much as I do. – Isabelle

Most of us will be thrust into caring for an aging parent or disabled relative without any preparation. We have little understanding of the types and levels of care: home-based, hospitalization, rehabilitation, nursing homes or various kinds of assisted care, including privately-run family care homes, commercial assisted-care facilities, and adult day care. To compound things further, there is the ever-changing health care system, insurance system, and elder care complexities.

Understanding all of these issues, Compassionate Home Care Partners does everything in our power to handle these questions for you. Our national organization offers many resources to help you navigate this process, including a guide for choosing in-home care  direct work with programs for veterans and those in need of financial assistance and benefits, payment models to accommodate all types of client’s particular structure needs, from minimum required hours of care through around the clock and live-in models, and many other facets to help you in your situation.

We are here to make life easier for you and your family, in these complex and stressful times.

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